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‘Writing carries in it the folds of another life’ – Spotlight on Lamp Lifeboat Ladder’s Amin Al-Badra

Playwright and activist Catherine Filloux has written a fantastic artist spotlight about Amin Al-Badra, who is a writer, visual artist and participant in Lamp Lifeboat Ladder.  The piece has been published in Brandeis University's Peacebuilding in the Arts newsletter!

Catherine works with and facilitates the Tomorrow's Hope: Modern Creativity writing group comprising survivors in Lamp Lifeboat Ladder, of which Amin is a member. It is through this writing project that Catherine has come to know Amin's writing and artwork.

The essay explores the way Amin, who is from Iraq and currently lives in Jordan, merges peacebuilding into his art.  Amin describes his artwork as "confronting issues such as a more just system, women's and children's rights, war and peace, human trafficking, and gender discrimination. He hopes to transform silence into actions that change the reality of society for the better."

Catherine also explores Amin's thoughts on what he sees is the difference between creative writing and painting. He concludes: 'writing has an impact in shaping our consciousness and our experiences, so I consider it more alive than visual art.' 

The spotlight piece includes some of Amin's writing, as well as some of his visual artwork. We encourage you all to take a look at the piece!

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