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Women’s role is rising, the world is changing, survivors say

Fati, a young Afghan-Iranian woman who is now is living in Toronto, said this:

‘I believe that women have changed the world, at least they have changed my world. I was drying up like a plant. They shined on my life like the sun and helped me to grow.’

Thege, a woman now living in Alberta writes this:


The woman is a being of the female gender. In previous times, she was considered a conjugal instrument, machine of procreation, an instrument of the household and which was not allowed access to education.

Today's woman can be found in all areas, such as politics, science, sports, business and entrepreneurship and others...

We saw a female arbiter in Qatar 2022 World Cup fixtures, something that has never happened before.

In politics, Michelle Obama: one of the influential icons, a feminist who fights for women's rights.

The former German Chancellor Angella Merkel.

The current President of Tanzania,

All of whom are good examples of the development of modern women.

It's time for the modern woman to hold her head high and face up to contributing to society.

International Women's Day shows and challenges all the women of the world, how strong they are morally, psychologically and intellectually.  A woman must act through the path of love, not fear.

Long live March 8; long live the international day of all women in the world.

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