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International Women’s Day by Lamp Lifeboat Ladder Survivors - Part 1

Today is International Women’s Day, the theme of which this year is ’Embrace Equity’. Several women wanted to share their thoughts about the day and about the power of women and girls with messages to their sisters around the world which we will be sharing in several blog posts!

Alham, a young woman from Syria, now in Ontario wrote:

“Where do you find the strength?”

“We’re women, honey, strength finds us.”

I want to thank every woman in the world for caring for her children and husband.

Don’t think you need someone else to complete you in your life; you are already complete.

Work hard, study and love yourself: don’t allow anyone to shake you; be unshakable darling.

I send all my love for each woman in life, despite all the difficulties she will face.

Angham, also a young woman from Syria living in Ontario tells us:

On International Women's Day... Be like a butterfly, always bright and strong, flying towards her dreams and achieving them, despite the strong winds that blow and try to destroy her.

Muzon, a young woman originally from Sudan, now living in Ontario said this:

International Women's Day is a day of expression and appreciation for women and the feeling of love towards them.

Expressing the history of the global woman from one country to another. In some countries, this day is considered an opportunity for expression and appreciation for her, and in other countries, the era of its renewal every year is the recognition of women's loyalty.

The woman has an active role in society: half of the world’s society is the sister, the aunt, the mother, the daughter.  She is responsible for providing comfort and comfort through her wisdom and awareness, and she is a great supporter of the man in his development.

She  is also considered the cornerstone of the foundations and the future of generations.

As the poet says, "the mother is a school that you have prepared. You have prepared people of good race."

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