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Our ancestors deserve a lot of respect

We mark today, World Refugee Day, by sharing some writing and photos on the theme of ancestors and family, from some of the writers in “Tomorrow’s Hope: Modern Creativity Group” Writing Group. 

Some of the authors prefer to call the day ‘World Survivor Day’.

By Anonymous

To describe our own ancestors, and what we see in them in relation to our current life, our ancestors are people who have done a lot for us, they deserve a lot of respect. The father went hunting from morning to night, and the mothers went to the fields, maybe with two or three children, she could carry the smallest on her back, her basket of tools on her head, and when she gets home, she has to cook for the whole house. She cuts the piece of trees to light the fire and she places three large stones to give balance to the pot, so the pot does not fall. And then our ancestors knew very well how to cure diseases by natural leaves, but they did not even study nor have a scientific degree.

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