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Happiness is enjoying what you have

We continue to honor World Refugee Day by sharing writing and photos from writers who are survivors in Lamp Lifeboat Ladder. 

By Bibienne

My grandmother was a woman - strong, courageous, who raised her daughter alone, who is my mother. It is the same with me. I lived alone with my mother, and I am raising my son alone. Day and night I am always there for him.

It's me and my son at home. When we work, we don't let the child bother us, so we tie him to our back. Happiness is not having everything you want, but enjoying what you have. My son is my greatest love, the beat of each of my breaths, the meaning of my life, the reason why I wake up with a smile. It's you, my angel, you came to console me and give me joy. I would have never believed before that this baby was an angel coming to bring life back to my heart. You were born in the world because God has a purpose for you, my little heart.

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