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Grandfather loved his people and culture

Growing up with my parents was so much fun and with happiness, I don’t know much about my ancestors. Our father used to take us into our grandmother's kitchen, we would sit by the fire side, roasting corn, and plums while he told us stories about his parents. Our grandfather was a traditionalist. He was respected by many in the village because of the way he loved his people and culture. I come from a family that believes in the ancestral god. My father made sure we know the importance of our culture. And how to pray. Respect your elders and love everyone around you. I know his prayer lines by heart because every time he started to say his prayers, he muttered those exact words. Usually, I smiled at the repetitiveness of this prayer. He was a lovely caring person, always there for everyone around him. His death was a mystery, I don’t understand till today, so painful. I miss him so much. It has been many years since he left us. I am sure he would be proud of me, knowing I try my best to live like him and do the things he taught me. Despite everything I have been through.

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