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Here is the final piece of writing from the writers in the “Tomorrow’s Hope: Modern Creativity Group” in honor of World Refugee Day. 

By Thege

I am the gendarme, or pyrrhocorid, a Hemiptera insect that wears red and black colors.

* I am not dangerous neither for the man, nor for the animals. I don't have an unpleasant odor and I don't sting.

* I'm not a garden pest either. I do not attack living plants, but I feed on the seeds and juices of certain species such as linden, hibiscus, or hollyhock. I also eat dead or alive insects and their eggs. So, I am a useful cleaner.

* That's why you often see me in a group on the trunks of trees or at the foot of the plants that I love. I also seek the heat of the sun, which earned me the nickname of midday seeker.

* My bright colors serve to deter my predators (this is called aposematic coloring). Cats and dogs don't touch me either.

* If you like mosquito-free evenings, let me live near you. Where I am, there are no mosquitoes.

* I know that I am very sociable and that I often come with my friends and my family...But if it bothers you, you can move me somewhere else, for example in a pile of wood. This is where I feel good... but please don't kill me!

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